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What our clients say

“Alpha Pride Safaris is amazing. Christo and Minrie have a special way of making you feel at home! It is a relaxed atmosphere with all the bells and whistles. Plenty of high quality game to choose from. It was truly a hunt of a life time!”

Landon Spivey, Georgia

“Alpha Pride Safaris provided us with an experience of a lifetime! The hunting itself was amazing! The quality and quantity of the game we hunted cannot be matched. We were treated like kings by all of the staff and like family by Christo and Minrie! This trip is a MUST for any hunter looking for a true African experience.”

Matt Martin, Texas

“All I wanted was a one time trip to Africa, a good PH, and a memorable time. What I got was a burning desire to go back to Africa,  Great friends for life, And a memory of a life time.

Be careful of what you ask for. I am consumed with going back.

Thank you Christo and Minrie. May God bless you all.”

Joe Gill,  Indiana

“Hunting with Alpha Pride was first rate all the way. The lodging, the food, and the overall camp atmosphere was just wonderful. The meals, especially, were both well prepared and well presented. Sitting around the fire at night was the absolute best way to end each day.

The three hunting opportunities I’ve had with Christo have convinced me that he has that rare skill of being able to combine his comprehensive knowledge of the animals and the bush with an attitude of “I will make sure this hunt is one you will enjoy and remember”. He works as hard as anyone I’ve ever had as a PH in 14 trips to Africa. Plus, he is really fun to be around !!

Minrie and Christo working as a team have made Alpha Pride Safaris into a company that offers a truly great African hunting experience. I will book with them as many times as possible.”

Greg Martin, Arizona

“Have made several trips to Africa in the hope of having the opportunity to hunt and shoot a leopard. However it did not come to pass until I met Christo.  A year before my agreeing to hunt with Christo we talked about whether it would be possible to hunt and get a leopard and where. Christo did not promise to get a leopard for me; however he did say he knew of a place where  I could hunt and have a strong chance of harvesting a leopard.  So in August of 2015 my husband and I traveled to Namibia to hunt leopard.  To my delight, it took only 5 days of tracking and hanging bait (Zebra) to get the leopard to come in.  I am grateful for having met Christo because he is very knowledgeable, very thorough, patient, and professional.  I have fulfilled my dream of hunting and shooting a leopard and Christo made it possible!”

Elisa Martin, Paradise Valley, Arizona

DSC_0463“It was a great experience hunting with Christo and Alpha Pride.  I will continue to visit and make future plans for hunting and sightseeing.  Christo and Minrie do a wonderful job of tailoring the trip to personally fit your wishes.  We have spent lots of time in the field, had great food and drink, and experienced some beautiful scenery.  Christo’s knowledge on hunting, techniques, bow and rifle is truly amazing.  He always has a plan and we have had some great success with outstanding trophies. Alpha Pride truly cares and it shows during your time there and when you look back at pictures.  They are a 1st class organization and I will be back!”

Mike Smits, Wisconsin

Todd and Nancy Hutchins“As a non-hunting female, I was unsure of what to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed riding on the Safari trucks and ‘hunting’ with my binoculars. Seeing the animals and their environment was fascinating. The accommodations were lovely, the food fabulous, and the relationships that were made with our outfitters – Christo & Minrie, the guides & the trackers are long lasting and priceless! I would encourage any women who is thinking about going but is hesitating, to go and have the adventure of a lifetime!”

Nancy Hutchins, Oklahoma

“I thought that the ‘hunting’ part of my South Africa experience was going to be the highlight. While that was everything I would have expected it to be, the real highlight was the relationships that were made with our outfitters, guides and trackers. We were treated like royalty with fantastic accommodation, food and fellowship. I would highly recommend a hunting trip with Alpha Pride Safaris to any hunting and outdoor enthusiast!”

Todd Hutchins, Oklahoma